CANOE ACROSS SCOTLAND - trip itinerary

Please note that this is a rough plan and may change depending on weather conditions. Whilst we do our utmost to complete the trail in the 5 days this may not always be possible due to changeable weather - Remember, it is Scotland! For instance, we may wake in the morning to strong winds and have to wait a few hours in camp until they subside...

  • Day 1 Fort William to Gairlochy: Our journey starts above Neptune’s Staircase on the Caledonian Canal. This is a 7 mile stretch of gentle sheltered water where tuition will be given to help hone your skills ready for the adventure that lies ahead!  At Gairlochy we can pitch camp (loos and showers available here), but if the conditions are good and we have enough time we'll probably journey further and venture out into Loch Lochy where we can wild camp.
  • Day 2  Loch Lochy to Loch Oich: Beginning on the on the open water of Loch Lochy and finishing at Leiterfearn on the south shore of Loch Oich. aiming to reach the end of this loch by the end of the day, or if conditions are favourable we may reach the waters of Loch Oich. We'll pitch camp amongst gthe trees on the shores of Loch Oich.
  • Day 3  Loch Oich to Loch Ness: Today we paddle to the end of Loch Oich and then we are back onto the canal which takes us into civilization at Fort Augustus. As an alternative to the canal, if the whole group is up for it, we may paddle the River Oich which has a couple of juicy rapids on it!  Both routes lead to the same destination. In Fort Augustus there will be a bit of time to explore the town whilst we buy provisions for the rest of the journey. We'll then head out into the open waters of Loch Ness and probably wild-camp on the south side near Foyers. If conditions permit we'll try our hand at some canoe sailing - very bracing!
  • Day 4 – Loch Ness, Foyers to Dores:  Today we continue our journey to the end of Loch Ness, again pitching camp lochside near to the small village of Dores. As this is our final evening together we like to celebrate by eating out in the pub at Dores.
  • Day 5 – Dores to Inverness : Today we are back on the Caledonian canal which takes us to our final destination in Inverness. We usually arrive late afternoon. There will be a taxi to take you back to your vehicles in Fort William.