Evening Canoe and BBQ with Storytelling

Join us for a magical evening on the River Dart! The evening paddle by canoe is an opportunity to slow down, switch gear and experience the natural world on the water as it moves from day to night. The fading light... bird-sound, silence, bats, moonlight, darkness. We set off in the daylight and paddle our canoes for an hour or so upstream. Pitching up on the river bank, we'll cook some burgers over the fire, whilst we are entertained by a river tale or two from our on-board story-teller. We paddle back as night falls to the sound of the owls, and only our night vision to guide us. No previous canoeing experience required.

"With the minimum of fuss, Nick enabled us to explore the enticing beauty of the Dart.The shimmering reflections, the sighting of a kingfisher, the ease with which a tasty supper was served from a firebowl & watching the storyteller's face in the firelight as he recounted the very ancient & fearsome myth. Then the silent paddle homewards, feeling liberated by our night eyes ability to follow the silvery pathway between the shadows. Back in the city we will always remember our venture into the owl's domain..Thank you!"   (Sheilah - London)

"Thank you Winding River for such an excellent evening trip up the dart!
Canoeing back in the twilight with bats skimming the water and owls silently flying by, after food and storytelling around the fire... I couldnt imagine a better way to spend your evening... when's the next one?"
(Joseph - Devon)


  • Times: The trip generally runs from 6pm-10pm but may vary slightly depending on time of year. Please arrive on time because we can’t wait if you are late!
  • Start/finish point: KEVICC School boat shed - TQ95LA.
  • Directions to boat shed: Park in the railway station carpark and walk to Swallowfields TQ9 5LA (10 minutes walk). Walk to bottom of street and turn right down tarmac track, through 5 bar gate and keep walking about another 100 metres to the shed. The shed is by the river and is a long low ugly building covered in graffiti - easy to spot! You can also park in Swallowfields if you prefer not to walk, but parking is limited here and we want to avoid taking up the nieghbourhood parking spaces.
  • What to wear/bring: Wear loose fitting comfy clothes, and a warm top for later on. Bring a raincoat if it looks we might have a shower. FOOTWEAR: Old trainers/boots SUITABLE FOR MUDDY UNEVEN RIVERBANKS. Drinking water is provided but you may want to bring a hot or cold drink with you. See notes about alcohol in the FAQs.
  • Cost: ADULT £35  CHILD (under 16)  £15
  • What's included? Canoe, paddle, life vest, qualified guide, fireside story-telling, yummy food,. owl hoots  (often but not always) and bat swoops...!
  • About the food: Burger in a bap. The meat is good quality local free range or organic (where possible). A vegetarian option is available. You can indicate your choice of veggie/carnivore on the booking form. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a full evening meal so eat something before if you think it won't be enough for you.

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