What we're about

Being in nature : Our raison d’etre is to entice people away from their busy lives and get them out into nature where they can have the opportunity to slow down and recharge. Being in a canoe on a beautiful river gives one a very different perspective on things; seeing the land from the water, travelling silently under one’s own steam, soaking up the nature, the birdsong, the changing scenery…

Being Together: A canoe trip is a great way to spend quality time together with family, friends, work colleages, or even complete strangers.

Relaxed style leadership: Your river guide is there to teach you the basics about canoeing, show you the way, and to make sure the trip runs smoothly, and that you stay safe. We do not get too ‘instructive’ about the canoeing (or anything else), but your guide can teach you some more advanced canoeing skills if you want.

Inclusiveness: We offer a few different types of trip; from slow meditative evening paddles to full on expedition canoeing that will occasionally test you to your limits! We want to include everyone so all our trips are suitable for novice canoeists but do look at the FAQs if your not sure whether you’re up for it.

Environment: Travelling by canoe has a pretty low carbon footprint! We operate on the principal of ‘Leave No Trace’. We love nature and do our very best to leave everywhere we travel exactly as we found it. To that end we have an award from Green Tourism

Wholesome Exercise: If you have ever doubted the benefits of exercise check out the latest research: