Canoeing and Bush Craft trips

Canoeing and Bushcraft go together like tea and cake! A day  of foraging and learning Bushcraft skills on the River Dart in Devon. The estuary section of the river is wild, unspoiled, and teeming with wildlife. Learn how to identify edible plants, track animals, light a fire without matches or a lighter, make a rope from stinging nettles, eat a raw jellyfish (just joking)...

The canoeing is excellent too!



Times:Trips generally run from 10am-4pm but may vary slightly due to conditions. The specific times for your trip will be stipulated when you book.

Start/finish point: Trips begin from either Longmarsh, Totnes, TQ95AL or Stoke Gabriel River Shack car park TQ96RD.  We finish either at Totnes or Stoke Gabriel. Please make sure that you turn up in the right place for the trip you have booked! Again, the start/end point is stipulated when you book.

What too wear/bring: Wear loose fitting comfy clothes appropriate for the weather conditions. Bring a raincoat if it looks we might have a shower. FOOTWEAR: Old trainers/boots SUITABLE FOR MUDDY UNEVEN RIVERBANKS. Picnic lunch to compliment foraged food, and enough snacks for the day. Water bottle. Sunhat/sunblock if it's going to be hot. 

What's included? Canoe, canoe paddle, life vest, qualified guide, bushcraft instruction/materials, refreshments, transport back to your vehicle if we finish at a different place that we start.

Cost:  ADULT £65  CHILD (under 16)  £40  

WEIGHT LIMIT: Sorry but our canoes are not suitable for people who weigh in excess of 18 stone (114 kg) as they may tip over!